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Great pizza.

By Phil_B1 at 17:30 on 16/01/14

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Parma Pizza is the premium local pizza delivery & takeaway in Twickenham. (For our full menu see under "Useful Information", above left.) Choose from a variety of crust pizzas including hot dog filled crust, deep pan and Italian bases. We offer a whole variety of pizzas from Meat Feast to Vegetarian. And it's not just pizzas we do. We also prepare an exciting array of extras such as chicken dippers, garlic bread, potato skins with cheese and a topping of your choice and many many other dishes.

• Medium 10" standard pizzas start from £7.95

• Large 12" pizzas start from £11.50

• Super 15" pizzas start from £11.95

Our most popular pizzas, fresh from our takeaway & delivery restaurant in Twickenham, include:

• Cheese & Tomato Pizza

• Ham & Mushroom Pizza

• Hawaiian Pizza (ham & pineapple)

• Beefeater Pizza (red onions, mushrooms, spicy beef)

• Bacon Special Pizza (red onions, mushrooms & bacon)

• Classic Pizza (mushrooms, spicy beef & fresh tomato)

• Pepperoni Plus Pizza (extra pepperoni, extra cheese)

• Pepperoni Hot Pizza (double pepperoni & jalapenos)

• Plus plenty more varieties of pizza to suit your mood, ready for collection or free delivery in Twickenham.

See our menu for more details, or don't hesitate to ask our helpful, friendly staff.

We pride ourselves in making your pizza fresh when you order. Ready for collection or pizza delivery in the Twickenham area.


3 Reviews of Parma Pizza

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    Great pizza.

    By Phil_B1 at 17:30 on 16/01/14

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    Great service, nice pizzas, good delivery times


    Tried one of Parma Pizzas beefeater pizzas just for change from my usual pizza delivery and was really pleased with the service and the pizza. I'd recommend if you're looking to use somewhere in Twickenham for pizzas.

    By Jame_Munroe at 12:33 on 03/01/14

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    Good value pizza delivery here in Twickenham!


    I got a voucher for Parma Pizza and decided to check it out the next time we wanted a pizza delivery. They do loads of different types of pizza and crusts. We thought it was really good value for money.

    By katiekent at 08:08 on 23/12/13


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