Footage - Teddington RNLI crew rescue man from East Molesey island

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By Teddington People | Thursday, August 21, 2014, 16:30

RNLI crew members from Teddington helped evacuate a sick man from Ash Island in East Molesey on Monday evening. You can see the footage below. James Kavanagh, on board the lifeboat, said:

"Paramedics from London Ambulance had already gone across to the island on a boat to care for the man but they were concerned about getting him back to the mainland safely. With this in mind, they called the Coastguard to ask for assistance from the RNLI.

"When we arrived the man was feeling dizzy and struggling to walk. We worked with the paramedics to get him on our collapsible stretcher and carry him to the lifeboat. We then ferried the man across the river to an ambulance that was waiting near Molesey Boat Club."